Elopement Photography | Stephanie & Ben | Bowral Wedding Photographer

When Stephanie and I chatted on the phone for the first time, both our creative ears and eyes lit up.
I loved hearing about the tapas food selection she envisioned for their intimate style wedding booked on a private property in Bowral.

These styles of weddings are more commonly suited to elopement photography as such — In that, you still have a small number of guests, but generally the coverage is shorter and it tends to focus on the main ceremony and the location shoots of the day and coverage doesn’t extend into 8-10 hours to cover the entire day or a lengthy reception.

She told me about Ben, their engagement and how their wedding had a laid back, relaxed, elegant feel that she wanted to focus the photography on capturing the main ceremony, some lovely photos of the two of them — and then lots of lovely photos with their guests relaxing on the lawn, listening to an acoustic band duo & enjoying the canapes together.

One of her family members sung “I can’t help, falling in love with you” while she walked down the aisle — which was a surprise for their guests.
There were no speeches, just the main ceremony and their guests witnessing them commit their lives to one another … then a relaxed celebration where Ben and Stephanie could chat to their guests together and not feel the pressure of an 8-10 our wedding day, with all the cars, lights, drums or reception entrance timeline to get to after the main ceremony.

After she told me about their plans, I recommended a 3 hour elopement photography service to really capture a lovely selection of images in the beautiful afternoon light and wrap up after the cake cutting. The images just turned out so beautiful .. and we even got to visit a few farm animals hanging about on the property.

Honestly, these kinds of weddings are SO popular — they’re starting to become my favourite style of wedding to capture.

I mean, weddings change over time and the full service wedding photography and videography all day coverage is still SO beautiful if that’s what you’re going for — but after Covid, there was something so special that happened in the Wedding Industry. It’s like a veil was lifted off many eyes to bring us back to the true meaning of marriage — and that the wedding is important, but its not something to place so much emphasis on in being the perfect reflection of an even that will set the tone for your marriage.

It was so special to see Stephanie and Ben’s family members gather in the beautiful sunshine on a private property to celebrate their marriage.




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