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As a Wollongong Food photographer, I’m really into adventuring and appreciating the art of food.

So how many of you guys have checked out the new El Jannah in Albion Park that opened last week?

… if you haven’t, then wahhh?!!

So a quick back story, my family and I are OBSESSED with El Jannah.
Like, I think the day we found out they were coming to Albion Park was an answered prayer!

We would literally drive to Campbelltown El Jannah just for the garlic sauce alone. If you haven’t tried it — I’d highly recommend it!

I loveeeeeeddd always feasting on middle Eastern food at bigger weddings I shot in my mid-20’s in Sydney … when I had the capacity to do triple header, 17 hous weddings back to back Friday – Saturday and Sunday and then slept all day on a Monday haha! Nowadays I’m loving a more sustainable pace in my 30’s hehe.

The hommus, lebanese bread, the tabouli — like! Yum!
Half the time when we decide we want to go out as a family, we decide to go to Litani’s … haha it’s always so lovely there!
I mean, it’s so cosy, homely, the service and the staff there are always so sweet and it’s great for large group bookings, they can put it all on seperate bills so there’s none of that awkward pen and calculator business for 20 minutes before everyone decides to leave hehe.

Back to El Jannah ….. I love to digress if you haven’t already noticed? hehe
I attend church on Sundays in Russel Vale, our small little humble church of 20 people where the holy spirit comes and ministers to us so powerfully and the anointing breaks the yokes of oppression off people!
It’s so beautiful, the presence of God and how Jesus sets people free — I’ll forever shout to the roof tops the gospel and how Jesus saved me from a life of turmoil and sin I never knew I lived in — He’s our greatest friend, encourager and comforter always. If you don’t know Him, cry out to Jesus — He will save you too! A lot of the time in life we hit rock bottoms, but that’s the best place to be, because Jesus is the rock, the solid foundation on which we stand in life — in Him we can never fail.

Every week, after the service ends, we continue on in fellowship together at Woonona or a lovely family friend RSL nearby, we decided to change it up a bit recently and have been venturing out. And I when I heard we were all going to trek down to El Jannah after church together to feast on some uber yum charcoal chicken I was as giddy as a school girl on her first day of kindergarten wearing her floppy hat and oversized backpack! … Ah the memories.

Can you tell we’re happy?
(That’s my mama bear next to me by the way wearing the glasses — Hehe people often mistake us as sisters. She’s fabulous and over 60. Girlllllll I’m excited for them genes to kick in to my favour in the latter decades.)

So with full bellies we went on to then talk about food again … haha! No surprise there.
Then for my friend Ben to talk about a great Chef his family member used to work with, Greg from Fine Spun Catering.

We then went on to talk about how AMAZING The food is at Fine Spun at the Woolshed and for those who are willing to travel 20 minutes south of Wollongong would totally find the drive well worth it to a little town in Yallah on the main princes highway you can dine for brunch — and lunch! and weddings … I mean, they do a lot of things haha.
The owner worked at fine dining restaurants in Sydney and decided to come down to the Illawarra and spread some food and hospitality love, which a lot of the locals are super grateful for!

So if you’re ever in the neighbourhood — feel free to stop by Fine Spun at the Woolshed.
At one stage they were doing amazing Biscoff Lattes! Argh. Yep. You read right. Biscoff anything is boss really …..

I am doing more and more Food photography in Wollongong for business owners, which is uber fun and really allows to create some amazing images back of house even whilst food prepping for an event — it’s all part of the creative process!

This collection below is an oldie but a goodie it was the Daffodil Ball for the Cancer Council at T.I.G.S. many years ago and yet they still seem to be one of my favourite collections in my portfolio. So I had to share it here with you!

Such a great charity event in Wollongong we did the food photography for and it was absolutely delicious!

What are your favourite food places in Wollongong to Visit? Hit me up in the comments! 😀 would love to check them out.










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