Looking to hire a professional photographer for your wedding or special event?

Or maybe you’re a business owner wanting to update your professional headshots, or shoot a Personal Brand photography suite to market your business?

Perhaps you’re excited to shoot a family portrait session at your local beach to remember how cheeky & smiley the kids in years to come? They grow up so fast, you never want to lose those memories.

… No matter what it is - a corporate event, wedding, portrait session or a special milestone you’d like to capture - we gotchu boo!

No more feeling awkward in front of the camera, and not knowing how to pose - or even coming across as ‘too posed’. No more hassles of trying to get someone to capture it all the way you envision.

Imagine hiring a professional photographer in Wollongong, bringing your ideas to the table & having them capture images that go above and beyond your expectations.

Imagine a personalized collection of images that ooze your personality because of the attention to detail and passion they're delivered with?

It’s so nice feeling comfortable with your photographer & being able to look back on your images in years to come remembering how you felt on the day it was captured and being able to relive that moment.

Imagine being able to look back on those images in years to come and sharing those memories with others - and they can’t help but smile when you tell them the story behind it.

Clients just like you have trusted us here at Ela Studios to capture all their memories over the years with our passionate, fun, professional, down-to-earth team who care about delivering nothing but the best for you.

With over 12 years of experience in the wedding & portrait photography industry - Ela Studios uses a personalised tailored approach to create images that are unique, timeless, clean & engaging for others and brings them into the moment in which it was captured.

We will take you through everything from your vision board, to suggestions & tips on how to best fit the desired outcome for your photos.

You will find yourself at ease- relaxed and smiling most of the process with how easy everything comes together for you.

Our passion to connect with our clients on a personal and professional level makes our service so unique that over the years we’ve had raving fans recommend us to their friends and family - and over the years it has felt like one big family :)

Give Ela Studios a call today and we can chat all about what you’re wanting to create, put together a quote to suit your budget - and we can make it happen for you!

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Wedding Photography & Videography in Wollongong