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Happy Tuesday ya’ll! How’s the week going for you?
Well, week 1 of 2024 was off to a roaring start and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have more intention over my work schedule this year…

I dunno about you guys, but last I LOVEEDDDDD trying to fit in so much work into one work day that the lines started to blur between preparing dinner in my household, to eating at my desk, to getting into the habit of editing into all kinds of late hours into the night. I mean, hard work is good, but as you get older you realise that some things just have to budge — otherwise, burn out, resentment and a lack of passion can creep in if you’re always feeling like you’re living a breathing work. Anyone resonate?

My prayers for 2024 were to really set some solid boundaries and have better balance with family, creative projects for myself, starting a podcast, switching off completely on a Sunday to go to church and just chill with my family for the rest of the day … and to really get intentional with what I’m wanting to create for 2024 and what it looks like.

Maybe some relate to work-guilt — Others don’t … But I love knowing that as long as we’re aware of these things, we can be intentional to ask for help and change them 🙂

There go my daily reflections for the day – -While you’re here, why don’t you share your 1 intention or focus for 2024?
Maybe it’s better work life balance, like me?
Maybe it’s to start something you’re passionate about — Like a podcast or YouTube channel?

Whatever it is – Leave it in the comments below!

Now onto some more celebratory things!

Ross’s 50th Birthday Celebration ….

I got a DM on Instagram from Chris who owns the OG Splash Occasions — you may have seen her around — their work is amazing and they do such beautiful wedding and event styling. Chris sent me a message and asked if I was free for her Husband’s 50th Birthday party she’d planned at the one and only Adrift Pool Bar inside Novotel North Beach in the heart of Wollongong (and literally I walked to this event from my house – haha)

I’d never actually been to an event at Adrift, and well, let’s face it … going out?
(I don’t do that anymore, so I wouldn’t even think to book a booth with friends one night for an excuse to dress up.

I keep smurking post-covid claiming I haven’t recovered from the WFH track suit pants look and comfy clothes type home-body lifestyle.
Wonder how long I have until that excuse wares off? hehe …)

Back to Ross’s party anyway …

Towards the end of 2023, in the peak of one of the warmest summer weeks we’ve had — I got to capture this very special 50th birthday celebration and I was impressed at the beautiful atmosphere this venue boasts.

With endless grazing, the afternoon sunshine setting over the deck, a solid gelato bar line for most of the night & cannolis on tap — This truly was the perfect celebration under the fairy light lit sunset & the band leading us their guests onto the dance floor with all your classic favourites.

Here are just some sneak preview images of some event styling, food and balloon art goodness.
I shot them on a Canon R5 with my favourite trusty 50mm lens wide open — I could literally shoot all events on a 50mm lens, the shallow focus is so sharp and gooey — I love it!

A bit of commercial food photography in there as well which is a portion of work we do more of nowadays outside of the wedding genre we’ve serviced for so long.
I’d love to do more content marketing services for cafes and restaurants in 2024 and partner up with businesses looking to engage regular photography for their social media marketing.

Know anyone you can refer to us?! Please do 😉
If you’re planning a lovely event and would love your event captured in a candid but styled approach for a range of memories to share with your family and friends, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

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