Break Away to Nelson Bay | Snap Happy

Hi everyone!

Yes blog neglect much? Well I’ve been making it up with lots and lots of client orders for you all so let’s over look my disorganisationalness. (Ok I really know that’s not a word but I haven’t made up my own word for about a week now so I’m a little overdue ;))

I am heading to the Lovely Port Stephens tonight for some Me time. Note the capital letter to emphasise importance in the word Me. hehe. I’m being awfully silly so I apologise. It’s a Thursday and I feel a little out of step with the world 🙂

So I’m off to recoop myself with a much needed weekend off. Myself, and my chai latte will be sailing into the horizon in an hour so I won’t be able to answer any emails or attend to anything until Monday morning.

2 noisy (but totally lovable) nephews, a morning sunrise at One Mile Beach and 1001 snap happy photos. Get ready for a huge blog post on Monday documenting my adventures.. Pic 1 – This is a photo of my nephew Mason.. sleeping.. in the shape of a pretzel.

Pic 2 – And this is Steve Allen (great fashion photographer situated in Anna Bay) ..He’s holding a camera smiling. (Contemplating snatching it out of his hands and running away with it. My theory is if I have his camera I will take photos exactly like him? no?)

Watch this space for upcoming Break-Away photos.

No photo to accompany today’s random blog post but.. what I do have is a quote. Enjoy!

‘Be original. Be True. Because if you can’t be yourself then who can you be?’

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