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Ash and Alicia’s Belle Chara wedding had so much thought into everything. The decorations, bonbonierre, invitations, the ceremony set up and reception table settings. It all pieced together to create a nice classic vintage romance feel. Lot’s of neutral tones and browns gave a personal touch to the wedding. With Alicia being more of a country girl we headed in land to the beautiful fields of Gerringong and The Fig Tree 🙂 Alicia and I have chatted over many emails and having only known her for a short time I can say that she’s bubbly, warm and well she comes across as a girl who would never frown 🙂 Ash’s wicked sense of humour gets Alicia every time. After a 9 year relationship, these best friends decided to tie the knot in hope of creating now human offspring following their puppy Jug, Diesel. Hehe. Meeting at the University of Canberra many years ago.. and something that blossomed into a romance these two weren’t even searching for. They love holiday-ing together, and are so laid back. High on life and with the people they’re surrounded by. So here goes..

Gorgeous invitations Alicia created with personalised stamps and Save the Date Post its hehe.

Old friends saying hi before the ceremony..

..and a few giggles at Alicia’s “Granny Pants”

During the vows all the guests cracked up laughing.

Ash repeat after me: “Take this rings as a symbol of my Unbroken love for you.”

Ash’s reply: “Take this ring as a symbol of my Broken love for you” haha. Classic.

And off to the Fig Tree for some photos. Cloudy day. sigh.

Alicia was radiant. Simple, elegant.. A bit like Kate Winslett but 10x better!

The fabulous bridal party!

Back to the reception.. Alicia and Ash had some custom made slippers for their guests as the bonbonierre. Ash LOVES to wear slippers. All year around. He even wore slippers to one of their very first dates. So what better way to thank their guests with a pair of Ash’s fave footwear. Priceless!

These highlights should hold you off until the final album arrives! 🙂
Thanks for having me! I adored everything about your wedding day! So much thought put into everything and it went in the blink of an eye!


To view their slideshow click play below

  1. Sarah Louise Flower says:

    What a beautiful couple. The scenery and colours make for absolutely gorgeous photos.

  2. Leigh Symonds says:

    Hey Ela, seeing you at work on the day, you appeared to be a photographer completely passionate and willing to go the extra mile to get the great shots that you clearly did. I’ve had a quiet moment viewing these pics after showing them to Alicia’s young cousins and they’ve brought a tear to my eyes. You’ve really encapsulated a beautiful couple in natural surrounds. It was a gorgeous perfect day and the photos look truly wonderful.

  3. TRICIA WALKER says:

    ela – you are truely amazing. As ‘mother of the bride’, you have exceeded any expectation I have ever had towards photography – everybody looks amazing (as was the day). You are a very gifted girl to have captured the essence of Alicia and Ash’s relationship – kindred spirits. “A is for Always”. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  4. Helen Weldon says:

    Great photos that capture a wonderful event and celebration of the marriage of two fabulous people. It was a privilege to be there and be part of Alicia and Ash’s big day.

  5. Yvonne Hopkins says:

    What fabulous photos. They truly capture Alicia & Ash’s laid back natures while still being stunning.

  6. Gabrielle Boyle says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Robbie Walker says:

    Alicia and Ash. From the photos and the presentation, looks like you had a wonderful day. Uncle Pete and Diana are up in Scotland with us at the moment and gave me the link. Best Wishes to you both. Robbie, Mhairi and Katie. xxx.

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