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Today I realised it will be 3 years (this September) since I quit the University of Wollongong. As lovely as looking at cadavers was 3 times a week, I felt as though I should glue myself to a profession I wasn’t going to dread waking up to every.. morning.. of.. the.. rest.. of.. my.. life.

The Uni days were kind of nice I guess, you know.. loads of unnecessary caffeine hits during Chemistry lectures, overpriced text books, the twins who would sit behind me playing O’s and X’s during physiology instead of taking notes, the female Anatomy tutor who looked like Rihanna, and then the male Anatomy tutor we all thought was cute, the everlasting whisper in the library when you’re trying to study on coloured post-its, the hunt for a car space at 10am on Monday’s, running into primary school friends you lost contact with after year 6.. and the Japanese exchange student I made friends with, her name was Jo.

Yes, the 6 months I’d spent there in early 2008, entered me into a new world of new experiences. Then after I left, I found myself being thrown into another pond of fish.

It will be the three year anniversary of my departure in September and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I commend those who have stuck it out in their 3..5..7 year degree! But today I took a trip down memory lane and that’s good enough for me.

Bucket List:

-Ride a Double Decker bus in London.

-Eat a chocolate bar in switzerland.

-Go Snowboarding.

-Attend University.

Sticking to today’s theme of Memory Lane. This photo was taken on a Sunday afternoon. It was a huge week for me, and my 3 best friends and I headed to Shellharbour Village for come catch up time. 4 friends, one tarten blanket and a $5 bag of hot chips from Santorini by the Sea with the ambience of the sea. We talked for 3 hours about our high school memories, and future memories to come. We took this photo off Ipek’s iPhone and I love it to pieces. It’s 100% us. Yes I have no eyelashes, Hayley’s cheek is a little overexposed and Ipek say’s she hates her smile. But Perfection is Imperfection.

One moment I can never forget. I love the power of even the smallest of snap shots.

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