Bridal Shoot – Quel and Aaron | Wollongong CBD | Wedding Photography

Quel and Aaron were able to relive their wedding day memories (well the photo part of it) in the old beaten down setting of Wollongong’s CBD. I LOVE shooting in Cityscapes and I could do it in Wollongong/Sydney every day of my life! Textures and interesting-ness galore! Aaron is a complete gentlemen and Quel couldn’t live without Aaron. They are always smiling, bubbly and make me smile when they walk into the room. So when we confirmed we were going to do a bridal shoot together I was super excited and hoped to give something back to them with a collection of images that were slightly different from their actual wedding. I had the fabulous Cortney from Powder Puff Make Up Artistry step in to make Quel even more beautiful and flawless with 1.5 hours of styling hehe. Then we were off! These are only a minut sneak preview of the shots.. So feel free to visit my facebook group for more images here.

Ok now this shot below has a funny story to it. Me being the Awkward Moment Queen I thought I would make it subtle to Aaron that his fly was undone. I stood there with my hand flapping up and down going “Fly.. fly.. fly..” He looks at me all like wahh? What are you on girl? Then I eventually pointed and made it twice as embaressing for him LOL. Quel found it Hilarious. hehe. Good one Pamela .. how hard is it to say quietly “Aaron you might want to just zip up your fly” ever so casually? I’m working on that LOL.

Quel was so gorge on the day.. sigh.

This right shot is so her!

No the prettiest of lighting conditions but we snuck into a local club on the way back to the car and I’m glad we did.

Quel working the camera hehe

This shot makes me laugh. The left frame we tested Quel’s ‘see how fast you can put your hand back into place after throwing up the dress train’ ability. Makes me laugh every time. Anf the left frame.. A little ghosting from the 1 second exposure but I think it’s mystical. No? Yes?

I had to pop both of these in. Quel was like an angel in this shot. The end of the day couldn’t have been better!

See you all at the next post!


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