Raquel & Aaron – Wollongong CBD

Aaron and Quel were married in October in 2009 and they were able to relive their wedding day memories on an exclusive bridal shoot with Powder Puff Make Up Artistry. I have worked with Cortney before and her make up is always flawless without fail. We headed out to the rustic streets of Wollongong’s CBD and found Oh-So-Yummy textures. I was so stoked with the results having overcast skies which had me dancing in the streets (Ok that’s the best my play on words get.. I’ll just stick to photography hehe). But in a nutshell, 3.5 hours of shooting, walking, talking and laughing I could not have asked for more. Quel brought it to the stage and Aaron having been a little hesitant before the shoot, came out of it without a peep of  a whinge (you know as boys like to do constantly.) Pretty light, pretty couple and well.. a not so pretty location.. but that was the contrast in beauty I was going for. It’s not Wollongong light house but I have grown a huge affection for shooting in City Scapes. This is my favourite image from the day. It’s so them! And shooting them I have to say was as easy as ABC.. when a couple are that in love, everything just falls into place.

To see the rest of their shots on FaceBook click here. You can comment as well you know 😉 And to view more of Cortney’s fabulous make up click here.

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