Just a thought..

Today’s technology is scary.. Good, but scary.

Did you know we have modern day car alarm systems that send a text message to your mobile phone when it’s set off?

Did you also know you could send a voice mail message to some ones email after a few clicks on your iPhone?

Did you also know that the bill for overseas phone calls is no more?! Well thanks to Skype.

Ok call me old fashioned at 21 but Woah woah! Since when did the modern day phone call ever go out of fashion? And letters? Am I the only one who finds lick sealing an envelop fun? hehe. I even remember using my dad’s old type writer for fun, although the down fall of those is if you make a typo mistake at the bottom of a page you have to start all over again. lol.

Today I had a wake up call to how much things have changed in the past 5 years and although it’s interesting it kind of scares me lol. Hybrid cars. Computers the size of ¬†an A4 colouring book. And yes yes I am still adjusting to the Dominos Order Online System.

Embrace change?

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