Lost in Port Stephens | ME Time.

I love Port Stephens. Period. This weekend I took a drive up to visit some adorable family members I call nephews and found solitude in the heart of Nelson bay. Once every so often we can get burnt out and  lose sight of what’s real and important. Living life. So I took the weekend off having no prior bookings and headed for the horizon. Me, the road and Chris Brown’s Yeah 3x. (Yes I’m addicted to that song. Laugh at me if you like.)

But I felt I was brought back down to earth with Me time, spending time with family, listening to the waves lap the pier in Nelson bay and an atmosphere that is indescribable.

Day 1:

It was a Friday. Exploring what was. Reliving the memories I’d made in the past on Shoal Bay and visiting old spots that are sentimental to me. First shot.. the clouds were quite nice. The shore was calm. Sigh.

Yeah I know it’s only a post. But I thought it was interesting.

It’s called a tad laziness but I had to head off soon to accompany Brent Mailman at the Newcastle Showground shooting epic FaceBook profile photos. So I attempted to use the hood of my car as a stationary device to take a self portrait. I deduced that car boots can only take you so far.

What’s a road trip without one of these? ..Side note, I look ok now but my face was twice as big after devouring a huge cookies and cream flavoured Rocky Road at the Newcastle show during Facebook Profile Photos.

As I was driving out I slammed on my breaks to find an interesting puddle. This is me and my “Ha See Ya! Hold Tight!” move. It’s how I roll.

Day 2:

Something about my family is they don’t own dogs. cats. or bunny rabbits. No, they own the coolest pets. To name a few, scorpians, water dragons, frogs, tropical nemos (so cute) snakes, snakes and more snakes! here’s the new edition to their family.

My nephew in the afternoon sunlight.. “phww stinky aunty Pamela” lol. It’s love.

This shot was taken just after I did a back flip over the rocking bench in the back yard after accidently leaning to far back.. to find my nephew point and laugh at me instead of lending a hand LOL. I said, “Hey Bailey I could never count on you in a life of death situation to rescue me could I?” Again he laughs. lol. So much for family bonds lol.

Spider webs.. textures were cool 🙂

The other nephew.. “No more photos Aunty pamela” .. You think i’d get the hint. Nah. For the sake of memories I kept going. What’s he going to do? He’s 3 foot tall haha.

Ok the aiming is a little off but I did deduce that myspace shots on my SLr with a 50mm lens doesn’t really guarantee a perfect crop, even with my extended arm syndrome.

Oh yeah.. there are 3 family snakes. this is their biggest 🙂

  1. Alicia Walker says:

    A well earned break…..You deserve it!

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