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Failing one of my new years resolutions quite early in the year of learning a new word a day, “dictionary diet” I call it, I have formally revoked the daily rule and have made it more of a word of the week. I am a realist 🙂 and a daily tha’ing is something a girl like me just can’t commit to. Walk before I run right? or in my case, just walking before I walk faster. Don’t get me into athleticism but let’s just say year 6 swimming carnival didn’t go so well. I mean I was like a drowning cat trying to make it to the finish line. Mind you my 12 yo division was waiting for me at the shallow end staring at me as they rested on the edge of the pool. It was even more unsettling when you’re doing breast stroke and you get a glimpse of temporary embaressment every gasp for air. All good though! No certificate of participation but my mum cheered me on from the side line.

Back to my dictionary diet.. So I brought out my hot pink covered Kindle device and looked up a random word. Scrolling through the pages I stopped at the word CONFABULATE.

-v [no obj.]

engage in conversation; talk: she could be heard on the telephone confabulating with someone.

It was meant to be! Yes I opened (well in this case scrolled through) to the right page that brought me to a fancier way of saying my #1 hobby! Chatteringgggg!

I am an excessive confabulator.

I have the ability to confabulate under water.

I perform confabulatory behaviour on the ones around me.

I love confabulating! YAY!


  1. renee croft says:

    oh pamela i love your blog, it makes me miss you so glad you havent changed. your work is getting better and better. hope you and your mum are well.
    luv nay xo

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