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Hello there!

Ahh it’s February.. the month of Valentines day. Well any excuse to eat chocolate kisses hehe.

What’s your most Unforgettable Memory with your other half?

Let’s see.. there was the time when Paul delivered flowers to my front door during the HSC. You see i turned myself into a socially challenged garden gnome knowing I had to keep my chin down and button nose in those books. I said ‘I’m Sorry but I can’t see you for another 2 weeks until this is over, I have to study *sobs*’ So technically he didn’t see me when he drove 20 minutes to my house at a late 10pm hour to deliver 12 roses to my door in attempt for them to be awaiting for me at the door after he rang the door bell and did the dash. All went well until my dog blew his cover with a loud gnarl at the front gate. hehe. I rushed to the door to find Paul half running away and his face replicating something a bit like my nephew’s expression when he knows he’s been busted. It’s the “Ooh sowwy arnie Pam-uh-wa” face.

..I remember the time he sent me a text message 7 bodies long to what I thought was a poem from scratch but then were song lyrics from one his favourite bands. His defence was “What I couldn’t have said it any better’. hehe. It was the thought that counted.

-I remember the time we got caught in the rain in Nelson Bay. We found it would be oh so romantic to stop and share a sweet kiss as the droplets raced down our cheek bones and eyelids (well maybe just me).

..I remember the time he took me to the Lagoon Seafood restaurant for our 3 month anniversary after I’d told him a month before I hated seafood. Then to find a box of chocolates awaiting me when we got back. All is good with the chocolate part right? It was dark chocolate. I don’t eat dark chocolate. Again the awesome thought. hehe. Honest.

-I remember shooting my very first wedding in North Sydney asking Paul to tag along to a) fight back my nerve demons b) to avoid getting lost on the way up c) to catch me from tripping on my face or in general and then finally becoming the captain of our ship with his calm foot sailing us to our home town.

-I remember trekking through knee deep water at Bream beach to find a potato sitting in the the water in the middle of nowhere. The Bizzaro nature of it stuns us to this date. Where did the potato come from? Who put it there? and What purpose did it serve on a sand bar in the middle or no where. The mystery continues.

..I remember the time we floated on the salty goodness of  Towradgi sea pool reviewing our dreams.. and promising never to settle for second best.

..I remember the time he looked at me and said “You’re so perfect for me”

What will you do this valentines day to show you care?


  1. Ange says:

    Great thanks Pam *sarcasm*. Now the potato mystery will forever bother me too! Stuff like that gets me so much, it will be on my mind all night and day! Haha! I will let you know what possible options I come up with.

    • Ela says:

      Oh hey Ange! Sarah Louise told me this morning it has something to do with divers having to find a potato in a game every year?!! Hehe randomness… at least I can put my mind at rest now at a possible explanation! hehe

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