The Return | One down.. One to go.

I loathed the day he took off in a steel bird for overseas. I now yearn his return at the airport in exactly 16 hours. Tomorrow is the day Paul returns. Yes. It has already been that three tedious weeks since my other half.. ying to my yang and sea to my shore.. departed for the great world (well asia) to pay his Outsourcing Company a small visit.

Having read his FaceBook statuses only after a few days of his arrival, my mind was at ease knowing he was fulfilling a role I most certainly couldn’t handle mentally. I was as equally excited about him delegating all the OZ gifts we’d bought for all the office workers. Yeah an overpriced bus or taxi fare here or there, but I could handle that. Knowing he was in the confines of a condo at night and had a fully functional tabo at his side well it turns out I still have most of my head hairs attached.

Tomorrow at the gate, I am going to want to crash tackle him to the floor, scruff his hair about until he says give and possibly eternally attach him to the car bumper so he doesn’t leave again. LOL. Ok ok, I’ll attach him to the garage door under certain provisos.. like bread and water three times a day and access to the internet for a 15 minute window a day.┬áIn all seriousness.. it’s going to be a good feeling. A poignant moment. A moment that will induce the start off an entire chain of paralleled moments.

Leave. Stay. Leave. Stay. Life is kind of like a game of ping pong. Or if you’re leaning towards an old school proverb.. you can go with the Forest Gump chocolate analogy thingo.

See you all at the next post.. Super happy!


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