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You know that excited feeling you get when you start the first day of the school term all over again? Well, that’s kind of the feeling that’s wriggling through my system.

I’ve kick started the new year with a set of realistic goals and so far, well I’m a happy chappy. But as of tomorrow I’ll feel rejuvinated and refreshed to go back to my weekly networking meetings at the Ibis, Wollongong called BNI. BNI stands for Business Network International and in a nutshell.. it rocks! It’s basically a fabulous 1.5 hour breakfast meeting of fun filled networking, referrals and interactions between such a diverse range of business people. I’ve been excited all week to see every one back from the Christmas holiday, tanned and jet lagged from the all the Christmas festivities.

Ever since I joined BNI back in March 2010 it has been a great asset to business. So if you own your own small business it may be worth considering joining our awesomeness if you dare! …Just kidding we really are like family, well at least that’s how I feel about it.

I took this below photo late last year ย just so I could look back at it in 10 years time and smile about how BNI has made me who I am today. What a lovely bunch of people who are there to help grow your business!

Starting from the top row from the left we have:

-Seamus (the one going “Rock On!” in the white shirt, black jacket) – He’s a Small Business Coach at Small Fish, and I personally think his brain should be oozing out of his ears. He’s down to earth, funny and you really can’t forget his chuckle. From little things, big things grow.. la la la.

-And the lady beside him in the green shirt – Her name is really pretty but I can’t pronounce it ๐Ÿ˜ Is that bad? She only recently joined late last year so I am yet to really absorb her awesomeness & blonde goldy locks.. Her and her dad run Simon’s Carpets in Wollongong.

-The little lady riiiight at the back there with her head popping out – That’s Trish from A&T Cakes. Cake is yummy so I loved her the second I met her!

-The guy one across with the red hat looking all tough – Thats Dave! ..Lee? Or is it Dave? hmmm.. none of us can ever get it right. Love his accent though, I secretly want him to teach me how to ..Tork’ Liek’ That.’ He is a painter at Russell and Westwood Painting, and a good one at that.

-Next to him with the beard in the blue shirt – That’s Don out handy man, he runs DMH Services in Thirroul. Have a To-Do list around the house with maintenance of carpentry? Put it on your To-Don list instead.

-Next to him in the green shirt – Is Justin from Intune Mechanical Solutions in Wollongong. He is whitty. Period. I’m jealous. That’s another asset I would like to steal from one of our members hehe.

-The guy he is doing a bunny ears to who’s tucked away being like ‘wahhh? what’s happening’ – That’s Peter from Excellence Body Repairs in Cringila. their most appealing feature of their panel beating business is the fact that they can paint your car pink! ..wish sparkles! Woohoo! But otherwise a garage full of hard working boys.. and Pete’s actually been doing this for 25 years ๐Ÿ˜ so in terms of experience I think he goes alright :).

-The one in the orange shirt – Is our Lawyer, his name is Graham from Access Law Group in Crown St. He has 101 shinnanigans to share with us and he’s goooooood at what he does!

-Next to Graham in the blue shirt is – Dave our Plumber from SQIRT Plus Plumbing. We had a nice girl come into BNI one day and say ‘Wow! How funny, he is a plumber.. and is last name is SQIRT!? How cool is that’.

..and just like a type writer, we’re going to hit the giant lever enter key and head to the row below in the picture..

-Two gentlemen at the very left – Jeff Tougher from SIGN-A-RAMA and Shaun Tipping from Home Maid Residential Cleaning. Shaun’s in the purple shirt and he has ย a life saving business model. He has a team of cleaners you can outsource your weekly cleaning to! Our prayers have been answered and for just $70 a week you can have the luxury of not vaccumming, scrubbing, washing or even cleaning your room.

-Man with the thumbs up – John Appoloni from Financial Synergy Group. He’s an awesome conversationalist.. which is my perfect match!

-The lady he’s hugging – That’s Liz from CRS.. I wonder who would win in a talking contest out of myself and her? hmm.. we even said we would put it to the test one day.

-The big tall guy in the white shirt who accidently didn’t look at the camera – That’s Greg from Fine Spun Catering and he can chop palm sugar without even looking down ๐Ÿ˜ freakish-like. Funny, down to earth.. but just a wee bit too tall for my liking.. hurts my neck when I ย have a conversation. Other than that .. he’s a man that cooks! Winner hands down.

-And the cool dude just in front of him wearing a black jacket – That’s Adam from MCT Solutions for all your IT needs. He looks like Johnny Depp and eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast which I think is so (cheek queezing) cute.

-The man pulling a funny face in the ย moustache – Geoff from Betta Wardrobes and Shower Screens. He builds shower screens and ..yep that’s right.. wardrobes that are Beautiful on the outside and practical on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

-The guy next to him pulling an even funnier face – is Darren from Oasis Accounting Solutions. Ah yes, the one thing a business person dreads is our book keeping. No more shoe boxes! Outsource the unpleasant things and BAM you’re working on your business and not in it. Great chuckle as well!

-Next to him in the blue shirt – Is Shawn Moore from Safe House. He inspects your house for any faults before you can relax in it and sip a Chai mmm.. termites.. water leaking.. you name it!

-Next to him is Jodie Hazell from the Ibis Wollongong – She’s my girl ๐Ÿ™‚ ..Awesome! Organised! Bubbly! Outgoing! and just down to earth.. A great asset for the Ibis to have on board as one of their managers.

-The guy in the white shirt is Glen Air from WB Sports and Promotional Wear – “If you want to look as fabulous as me! Call Glenn from WB!” *Insert cheesy grin.. I get my uniforms done by Wb and the quality is out of this world. Random fact: Glen used to play for the Steelers in another lifetime.. I discovered that when I was photographing a function at the Novatel one night.. I was looking at the back of my LCD when the MC said “And please welcome former Steelers player Glen Air” ..I chuckled to myself knowing it WASN’T the Glen Air I knew.. I didn’t think much of it. 5 minutes later I look up at their table to see it was him! Not very interesting to you .. but he was sitting next to Trent Barrett ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Right behind him hiding there, a lady in a white top – That’s Michelle from KWIK KOPY, she is to thank for last years custom Christmas cards. She describes her three kids as monsters.. Hence her decision to outsource her cleaning to Shaun at Home Maid hehe.

-The boy smurking to the left is Paul – His dad owns Regional Security in Port Kembla.. We should all be alarmed they say! What other business in their field will come out to you at 3am to fix your alarm of any faults.. and better yet it your alarm system is installed via their company you most likely won’t have any faults to begin with.

-The lady tilting her head – That’s Tarcita from Leisure Coast Copiers. She sells photocopiers but additionally she sells solutions. She is rather funny though and her philosophy is to have kids, only for them to become your slaves hehe.

-Next to her is Dave ย – The other painter.. his accent is even cooler!

-Lady next to him in the lovely white coat – That’s Dianne Chalk from Hillross in Fairy Meadow. Dianne is a financial planner and she has miraculously trained her husband to cook, clean and wash up! I need to know her secret.

..and one more round with the type writer.. you following? This one will be a little tricky I’m going to do a little zig zag for people descriptions so try and keep up ๐Ÿ™‚

-Man fashionably with no hair is Robb Grubb – He’s from the Professionals in Wollongong, Real Estate Agency. In a nutshell, he’s a legend, he’s funny, generous, his head gets oh so shiny in the sunlight and he is the only one to see when selling your house. He’s gone to the ends of the earth to service his clients and not a word of a lie.. he has once sent a contract via a Llama overseas to his client LOL.

-And zip.. take a plunge down to Pamela in the striped shirt crouching down- Oh yeah that’s me! Well what can I say? ..She talks alot, talks very fast and she’s the baby in the group and they treat her oh so nicely!

-Lady above me – Gah! Leanne. She rocks and has a wicked laugh that makes me giggle lol. She owns Bella Mia Body and Hair in Dapto.. opposite the Cheese cake shop .. mmm.. cheese cake. Their clean business practises and personal service is what separates them from the rest.

-Man in the blue shirt crouching – That’s Stephen from Stay Clean Carpet Cleaning.. where do I start with Sticky Residue? ๐Ÿ˜ In business we all know we have to tread carefully in the world of finding the right candidate to service your needs.. so when it comes to carpet cleaning.. Ugh.. USE HIM! ๐Ÿ™‚ ..He has only been in business for less than 2 years now and him and his lovely wife are booked out months in advance for delivering nothing but top range quality at a mid-range price. He’s 4 foot tall but good things come in small packages! hehe.

-And that cutie in the right over there poking our her tounge – She has hands of gold.. so every one also tells me! She is our massage therapist. Been in the industry for 13 years and unlike another massage parlour I recently visited, she doesn’t tickle you to death and say ‘Sore? Huh?.. Oh Ok..’ ..then picks back up on the tickeling right where they left off lol.

So here they are.. my sales team and friends.. You could say we’re family ๐Ÿ™‚ Or maybe it’s just me that feels that way.

See you all tomorrow and I look forward to the pancakes in the morning!


  1. Bob Haldane says:

    Pamela…this is absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful and creative way to promote your business and BNI. I am very impressed!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Pamela, this is GREAT! It makes me want to belong to such a wonderful group of people!

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