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So these days I’m mixing my blog content up with photos, misc past stories from my 21 years so far, motivational materials and other stuff.. So I figured I would take the time to give a shout out to my one and only Task Management Program I could not live without!

It’s called and it is all you need if you’re a simple gal like myself.

Whenever I have either an album order to design, a batch of images to edit or even just a simple errand I have to carry out.. I “Milk it” as I say. Well the terminology works for me.

You can set your tasks to Priority tasks 1, 2 and 3 and can set time intervals as well as alerts when tasks are due. But the best part for me it the printable option for your entire task list.

This is a sample I put together. There’s an option where you click print and it puts together a html file ready for web copy (like so) or a clean print out. That way I don’t have to attempt to understand my kindergarten doodling on a sheet of paper that I’ll probably lose. I integrate this program with my teal blue diary as I can some times be more of a hard copy girl myself. But it is definately a tool for those looking to come back to something simple, clean and personal.

Life is neat ain’t it?!

See you at the next post!


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