Francis & Lucy Hegerty | Wedding | Deckhouse Woolwich | Sydney Harbour Wedding Photographer

Loved this wedding at St Joseph’s College Chapel in Sydney. I had the pleasure of photographing Australian Rower and his lovely bride, Lucy back in late November 2010. Francis Hegerty, affectionately known as Heggers, was part of the Australian coxless four that claimed a silver medal in 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

During his speech, Francis mentioned having limited time with Lucy throughout the year due to his training commitments.. But their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. The chapel was covered in beautiful textures from head to toe. From the gorgeous black and white checkered tiles, to the vintage arch ways, the glistening chandeliers even to the very ceiling. I am not joking.. it was like nothing I had ever seen before. (See below)

When Lucy walked down the aisle at St Josephs College Chapel.. she reminded me of an angel, gliding gracefully and with such poise and elegance. Francis and Lucy are in seperable. He looked at her with such adoration and they were so sweet on each other.

Their reception was at the amazing Deckhouse Woolwich on Sydney Harbour. The view was amazing and food was exquisite.

And just a side note.. Lucy kind of looks like Angelina Jolie 🙂 You don’t see it? ..Hmm well it must just be me lol.

The piano.

The view from the boat. wow!

Amazing night at the Deckhouse Woolwich.


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