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Before Christmas (when I didn’t have time to scratch my head let alone blog) I headed out to Bulli to shoot Emma & Daniel. Where do I start? When I read their eSession questionnaires I discovered so much about them. They are so special in a nutshell. Now Emma, Daniel if you’re reading this I kind of made you famous at my weekly networking group BNI. Yes, I told a room of 40 odd and diverse business people how cool the proposal was.

So for all of you that aren’t in my networking group and didn’t experience the exclusivity of hearing the story from myself first hand (well second hand really) .. here it is again..

Emma and Daniel went overseas for a lovely romantic holiday/getaway/adventure, just the two of them. The Oh-So-Famous Trevi Fountain was waiting for them in Italy.. funny that because the Trevi Fountain was on their list of things to see. So here they, are being all romantic and they both tossed in a coin, shut their eyes and made a wish.

Now later that night Daniel and Emma sat down over dinner.. he said to Emma “Do you know what I wished for today at the fountain? I wished that you could spend the rest of your life with me.. Will you make my wish come true?” Pulls out a ring and to her surprise it was a proposal. How sweet is that? Daniel? Now seriously are you trying to make every male on the planet look bad?

After reading this at my desk, Paul was working from home in the next room and all he could hear from my office was “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” *insert squeal to coincide* So now I secretly think he is just the sweetest. Not to mention Emma.. she has a giggle that is just to die for!

Ok now I’ve taken a look at my paragraph and I think it’s about time for me to stop talking. Period. Here are Emma and Daniel’s highlights to their eSession. Love them!

**Story told may have some mishaps and slips in dialogue and event order but you get the idea. I love them and I love how they’re so sweet on eachother.

We made a joke and imagined how funny it would be if Emma got abducted from a creepy arm hiding behind the barn door. Ok as I remember precisely I made that joke. And I know I’m not very funny but Daniel laughed. I should have caught that on camera.. Paul will now never believe me. sigh. Well it was private property.. the only house left standing in a field in Bulli and not to mention the dead silence at times. I’m kind of a drama queen. But Emma got home safe 🙂

It started sprinkling. How romantic 🙂

Jump shot? Yes please!! ..Two great things about making your clients jump a) They love being silly if they’re anything like me.. and b) I get to giggle with them.


See you at the next post. ela.x

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