Touch Typing Program – The Ela Way

This morning I was replying to a bunch of emails, when I’d discovered a new emerging skill of mine.

You know in primary school where they make you sit in computer lessons on a Tuesday afternoon typing A.. S.. D.. F.. [SPACE] SEMI-COLON.. L.. K.. J.. *Quivers* I can steal hear the touch typing ladies voice resonating in my head. Touch typing programs are repetitive and in my opinion melancholy. I remember the sweaty generic head phones you would have to wear that were used 6 times a day by 6 different students. I remember the commitment our Yr 6 teacher made to our Kindergarten buddy class to teach our young friends how to touch type as well (not like it wasn’t boring enough doing it by yourself) and I remember the ceiling fan spinning round and round and using it as a distraction from the boredom of touch typing class.. at one stage I developed a phoebia that the fan would fall off it’s hinges and chop my head off 😐 Well I was 11 at the time. Now I like to believe I am a mature adult who withholds from any dramatic outbursts.

I started talking on chat rooms in year 8 when my friend first introduced me to MSN messenger. Towards the end I had more randoms adding me than I had actual conversations, so I just un installed it. In the beginning though, it was robotic.. a routine.. 3pm – Get home from school, 3:15 – 5:15 MSN messenger, 6pm dinner etc etc. So you could say I chatted religiously every day. At the time I saw msn as an opportunity to waste time, something to do when you’re eating a sand which and a chance to jeopardise my studies. But now I see it’s more than that 🙂

Yes, I was wrong. MSN actually taught me a great skill. Touch Typing!!! Goodbye touch typing lady.. and hello social life! Who would have thought that a poisoning program on young teenage minds could have had benefits for my work today in 2011. I amazed myself today when I was like ‘type’ ‘type’ and then it was almost like magic. I typed an entire 3 sentences whilst looking at the computer screen. How many of y’all can do that?!?!

You may laugh at me.. but that’s 7 years of intense socialising that actually substituted as a training course.

So there’s a recipe for learning how to touch type.. the Ela way. Talk to lot’s of people on msn you’ll never see in five years time and be sure to eat at the computer 3 times a day.

See you tomorrow! Ela.x

and erhh.. and some visual candy you ask? Picture for today.. hmm let’s see.. this was taken at Paul’s birthday last year in October. As you can see the newest edition to the family gets first priority to blow out candles. It’s just the way things are.

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