Mr Postman.. It’s Like Christmas in July!

This morning I answered the door wanting to kiss the post man. Well not literally.. but he brightened up my day instantly. I knew the postman had a special package for me I’d be anticipating for about a week now.

Now before you judge me, I’m sure everyone at some stage has slipped.. and fallen.. then and knocked their head right into the world of eBay. eBay addiction.

“Hi. My name is Pamela and I am addicted to eBay” is what I would have said 4 years ago when Paul first introduced me to online shopping. But today I’m cool. I never have any more of those on line shopping hangovers. You know, it’s like the feeling you get after eating (or in my case inhaling) an entire block of chocolate in under 10 minutes.. except not as bad. Back in the day my Thursday nights & weekend shifts at Target as a casual supported my eBay addiction.. until one day. I stopped. You could say I quit cold turkey 😉

So every once in a while, I take a walk down eBay lane and remenisce the good times we had together. $29.95 Minnie Mouse costume that I’ve only used once.. $75 worth of lens cleaning cloths that will officially last me a life time.. and how could I forget, the Free Playboy bracelet ($12.99 shipping) that rusted within the first 14 days of purchasing it. Not to mention my old steel bunk bed I tried selling 3 times at an overpriced $199 ..Bright blue, yellow and red bed posts were so hot back then, so I don’t know what any one was thinking.. it was practically a steal. Maybe it was the half faded buzz light year stickers OR ever lasting squeak below the left bed post that put people off? People are so picky these days. lol. Well I was 12 at the time. I thought the world was mine. Good times.

Back to me.. (Woah I just got a glimpse of that Old Spice Commercial! lmao.. yes I’m kind of losing it) I ran to the door so excited to open my parcel. It’s funny you know, it brings me back to when Paul and I would literally tackle each other over who would get to open the box regardless of who’s name was on it. I’m talking head locks, pushing, shoving and maybe I’d throw in a nasty bite or two if things got a bit ugly and he wouldn’t fall for the puppy dog eye thing. Well, I got to open this one all by myself! hehe.

I opened the parcel from Mr. Postman to find my one and only 70-200mm L f/4 IS USM telephoto lens.. mug that is. You heard right, it’s a thermos mug in the shape of one of my lenses. Don’t believe me? Take a peek.. (see below) Yes people, I know.. it’s officially the coolest Thermos cup in the world. So now if I catch a train to Sydney and fall a sleep I can use this as a decoy lens ..Muahhah! In genius aren’t I? They’ll never know what him ’em. The feeling I got when I saw it was awesome.. like it was Christmas all over again.

It has a 1:1 ratio to my lens in size, includes all features including an image stabiliser switch, both focus and zoom rings as well as an AF/MF switch. It’s just like the real thing. Pity the real thing isn’t same in price. Sigh.

But today I have tested all forms of hot liquid beverages possible.. Ok maybe just three.. Milo, Lipton Tea (the one and only brand of tea) and Chai Latte. The verdict, I have to say that life is a lot sweeter with this Thermos in my life 🙂 and the best part.. I’m less likely to cause 3rd degree burns from spilling hot tea every where. I’m so keen right now.. I might bring it to Lee and Me next time I visit! woo hoo!

See you at the next post! Ela.x

  1. Leanne Smith says:

    Hey Pam what else were you drinking out of your mug. lol It does look cool.

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve seen lots of photographers with this and think it’s such a great gift idea!!! 🙂 Love it!

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