Nicole, Sam &Taz | Kiama Portrait Photographer

Late last year I’d met Nicole from Keren & Ben’s wedding and had the pleasure of seeing her again on a family session with her two gorgeous sister, Sam and Taz. By the end of it they were laughed out and the textured location.. well beats any beach hands down. We shot along Manning St in Kiama and the girls rocked up without a hair out of place. We we ready to make some magic..

These three girls were so cheeky I kind of love this one above most of them.

..I had to get the characteristic feet shot too. In between shots they were chatting and I noticed such diversity in their formation.. CLICK!

..”TICKLE NICOLE!” I said. Yes it does make a great candid shot but I just like torturing my selected subjects hehe.

This wall had bloomed since I got some shots from Keren & Ben’s wedding. So Keren & Ben’s had a more rustic approach and the girls were lucky on the other hand to get some vibrant greens 🙂

Big Hugs <3

Ok this one has to be my favourite from the entire shoot 🙂 Oh so fabulous they are!

Share the love 🙂

Into some alley ways for a more rustic look.

Taz is the baby sister.. So I thought it only be necessary for this shot.

Backlight 🙂 Yummy.

This shot makes me laugh out loud. Mainly because I remembered how awkward it was for them to attempt a walk and laugh while trying to stay alongside eachother.

Thanks for an awesome shoot girls!


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