Back Into the Swing Of It All.. I say let’s bring it on!

Today’s traffic on the way back from Gerringong was rather hectic.. 4WD’s, caravans and trailers making their way back up the coast.. motor vehicles bumper to bumper rested at red traffic lights.. McDonalds wrappers covering  the family car floor.. and the thought of falling back into a routine of the 9-5.. This is where we start the working year all over again. A time for buying new stationary & saying goodbye to beach days on a Monday. But as much as I love the sun, falling a sleep under 12’oclock rays, fresh salty texture of your skin after getting out of the water and messy beached hair.. I love the thought of being successful more.

Bright blue A4 diary – CHECK. Heart shaped post-it notes smothering my diary – CHECK. My Oh-So-Comfy rememberance day clicky pen – CHECK.. Nothing stopping me now! hehe

I am going to leave you with this video Paul linked me to late last year. So whenever you feel like you want to quit.. watch this. Keep Smiling! Ela.x

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