Christmas Eve with Spaniards.. Hola!

So it’s tradition in our family that on Christmas Eve we open our presents at 12 o’clock. We party the night away sneaking more and more punch without the adults noticing, kids running around chasing Christmas beetles, my step brothers’ eyes’ rolling back into their heads and a whole lot of sea food platters that I don’t eat.. Paul says I am the weirdest european there is for taking absence from seafood. The taste is.. in lamest terms ‘fishy.’ What can I say, my taste buds reject everything but Chai latte’s and donuts. So the photos I took on the night were snap shotty but hey I still recorded the night.. so I am posting a few of my favourites.

So I call this first one the “Babe, what are you.. CLICK.. doing?” hehe. I’m swift behind the lens 😉

..and just a random shot of my cousin. He’s loud, quirky and has a laugh that would make me smile any day.

..and this is my step brother Shane. He says “Talk to the hand” and “you should pay me for taking photos of me”. I say he’s whacked.

This lady here, that’s Abuela. She’s the back bone of the family. The rock. The peace maker and the heart of the Rueda’s. I love her to pieces, although I have no idea what she says sometimes speaking in spanish and all. You’d think after 10 years I would catch on. Nope. So we both just smile and nod.. love is unconditional.

Zac is one of the family’s littl-ees. “Dear Santa, this Christmas I wish for…”

Tio Miguel.. Not a bad aim for an attempt at a MySpace shot with my SLR and at f/1.8 lol.

And the crazy uncle.. I mean Santa! 😉

This girl below.. where do I start. She’s loud, talkative, cheeky and loud. I think this shot says everything about her. Warts and all!

and saving the best for last.. my aunty and Mum. Ain’t they cute. Life wouldn’t be the same without them!

Merry Christmas!

  1. Jessica Rueda says:

    you are sexayyyyy!! i love christmas and all of my family!!! 🙂

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