Happy New Year’s Day & Blog Post #1 of 365.

Hello all! Yes I know right.. we made it.. another year down and 70 to go! 🙂

According to my last blog post regarding my new year’s resolutions I took an oath to blog every day of 2011. A huge commitment, but I’ll let you know how I go.

This will be an exciting new year for me.. well for us, Paul and Myself I mean. We’re describing this year as our pivotal year in both aspects of our businesses, lifestyles and relationship. Things are going to be challenging yes.. but with more sacrifice comes bigger and better rewards. Today we took a trip to Towradgi beach in hope of escaping the too-hot-to-handle caloricity.. I don’t know about y’all but my car hood was all prepped for some egg frying it was so hot.. seriously.

After scavenging for a car park, a 10 minute trek to the beach and a hankering to eat our post-swim snacks, I finally bombed into the gorgeous sea pool Towradgi beach had to offer. We had a chat for a while and smiled. Smiled at where we could be in 5 years time. Smiled at how far we’ve come to this day. Smiled at how cute our nephew Jamie is. Smiled at how awesome the simple things in life are. Smiled at how funny Paul thought it was to hold my ankles up like a chicken and watch me paddle for my life to keep my ahead afloat. lol. He is really a charmer. But in all seriousness, it was a pretty intense moment where we agreed to give it our all in 2011. Even more so than ever.. we sealed it with a kiss and bid the sea pool adieu until the next time.

So what will you do differently this year?

I dare you to follow your dreams x

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