Scott & Sarah-Louise – eSession – Sandon Point, Bulli – Illawarra Couple Photography

Meet Scott and Sarah.. oh and their daughter Pickles 🙂 Reading all about them in their questionnaire made me giggle.. and giggle.. and giggle. They moved down from Sydney to Bulli because well der.. the Illawarra is ‘da bomb.’ When I first met them a few months ago in their beautiful Bulli Tops home.. I had to take a 1km hike up a flight of stairs before knocking on their front door.. Scott answered the door with a smile, and within minutes, to my relief, he asked ‘Would you like a drink?’ ..I’m like.. huff.. huff.. WAH-TER! Even before meeting Sarah-Louise I knew we were going to click.. her emails ended in an automated signature saying ‘Keep Smiling’. Sigh. I love happy people, gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. And these two.. well.. were as happy as it gets 😉

..So in conclusion, our first date had me leaving their house feeling liberated & ..well, stairs are the enemy.

Just Jeans Ad hehe.

My fave 🙂

Not bad for quelching through foot deep puddles 🙂

Adventurous friends pose.. you’d think they were 5 year olds :p

Cheeky shot..

Woohoo! Another Fabulous eSession and I’m smiling 🙂


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