Mel & Pete – eSession – Kiama Wedding Photographer – Albion Park

Hi there!.. Everyone meet Pete & Mel 🙂 10 fabulous years together and they still got it. I sat down in their loungeroom a year ago and yes everyone.. they are.. the.. one and only.. reigning record holders for my longest potential client consultation in history.. 3.5 hours of fun filled conversation the first day we met and I could have kept going. Sadly enough they kicked me out eventually hehe. Getting to know them has been a joy. They’re so quirky and I love everything about them!

So they love playing Guitar hero together.. so before heading out to the lovely Kiama for their eSession we decided to crank up the sound system (how Pete likes it) and strike a few chords.. As a side note, I am terrible at Guitar hero.. in fact.. I’m terrible at everysport and video game known to man 🙂 Pete on the other hand owned this match. I was cheering for Mel secretly.

Image 1) that’s some serious concentration right there.

Mel was really getting into it 🙂

and Pete.. well he was showing off.. maybe a little 🙂

and the victory goes to..

Ok I admit.. I giggled the entire time 🙂


and well.. Mel dug his leg into some good historic Kiama rock 🙂 classic! lol.

They make me smile 🙂 lol.

Pete thought it’d be funny to join in with his own leg pop. lol.

thanks for my awesome Friday morning guys! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you and your bridal party have in store for me on the wedding day. lol. Complete normal-ness I’m sure :p


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