A Test of Character – Personal

Today is the day. Today is the day I get out of bed and think POW! This day will be one huge productive day for me. Through the head ache, through the runny nose, through the fever and through the fact that I am  temporarily deaf in my left ear.. this will be a day to remember. Brian Tracy once said ‘The next time you feel like quitting in life just say to yourself ‘This is a test’ .. a test of character.’ So to the deliveries, editing and new Christmas voucher design.. See you all at 5:30 when the weekend begins. Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by!

And the picture below.. Well the other morning I stopped by my Mum’s for some serious remedies for my head flu. I arrive to find her still in her pj’s on her day off sipping a cup of tea. The cup said ‘Follow your Dreams’. For a second my life flashed before my eyes. In life we get one chance.  I smiled to myself knowing at one single moment in my life I took the Road Not Taken – Robert Frost.

Plus I think she looks totally cute.. no make up on (and she still looks beautiful), pink Garfield Pj’s and mother’s day slippers from 08. Sigh.

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