Killer Moths & Creepy Crawlies – The new dynamic thrill to chores – Personal

Laundry time is traditionally known as chore. Not for me. Oh no. It’s much more than that. It all started in June 2010 when Paul and I decided to bond over a colossal basket of laundry. After collecting 3 loads of washing off the line of our Blackbutt home, we took such pride and joy in folding and sorting our clothes into seperate baskets. ‘Underwear’ pile, ‘Linen cabinet’ pile and the ‘To-Iron’ pile. Everything was happy in the world.

After much exhaustion we finally made our victory and decided to celebrate over a movie and a nice hot tea. There was only one thing left to do and that was ..take the baskets up stairs and give our piles of clothes a home.

I snuck off upstairs with a giggle leaving Paul to carry the bigger basket (a bit like when he helps me take the groceries out of the car.. only it involves me saying ‘Honey help me with the groceries please!’ then me running off out of sight. He falls for it everytime lol). So back to laundry, I left Paul choking on my dust from my sprint upstairs.. In moments all the baskets were on the bed ready for distribution.

Suddenly, Paul throws up his arms and says ‘Woah! … Woah! … Woah!… … …’ and me, well, (the freaker-outerer I am) I went ‘$@^#@!! WAT@@*^%’

Are you ready for it? 😐 ..I turned around in Paul’s line of sight to find a giant huntsman sitting on a pile of our washing!! Me jumping up and down franticly like the scaredy cat I am, screaming my head off, palms sweaty, yes, the arachnophobic I am had been unleashed. A good 5 minutes later, me still hanging off Paul’s leg and my hair still looking like I’d stuck a copper wire into a powerpoint, I’d finally calmed down. Paul is my hero, he taught that spider a lesson. Well, he put it into a dustpan and set it free outside. Ever since then, I check every piece of clothing before I: take it off the line, fold it into a pile and before I put it on.

My second bug encounter when doing the washing occured today. After folding Paul’s mustard yellow t-shirt which I have tried to purposely lose several times (I mean it’s mustard coloured LOL), I turned the shirt inside out to find a giant moth fly out of it and onto the floor. I scream to the top of my lungs! At the moment I have the flu, so you could imagine the sound of my screeching-cat cry for help from this killer moth. As usual, Paul is working in his office and ignores any nonsense that comes from my direction. Well when you live with some one who stubs their toe 17.2 times a day you tend to ignore the random outbursts of ‘Ouch’ after a while.

So there we were. The moth and I, staring eachother down. I picked the little fellow up and sighed. She wasn’t so scary afterall. I decided to name her ‘Millie’ ..I have no idea if it’s a boy or girl but I was going with the odds that only a female moth could have such beautiful speckled wings. Also there are some moths that fly around & around in circles like they’re on Redbull, I find it quite senseless.. So I have no choice but to conclude those one are the males. I gently picked Millie up in a glass cup and placed her on the coffee table.

I smiled.

I kind of enjoy the simple things in life 🙂 After forcing Millie to be my model, I let her go outside my front porch.

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