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Hello Monday morning!

Starting the morning off with a fabulous couple shoot I did some time ago. Jess & Tyson have been together now for over 3 years and as soon as we stepped onto that kerb they got their model faces on. All three of us had been counting down for this shoot for weeks. I was inspired by a great photographer who loves shooting in Cityscapes and have been dying to shoot in Wollongong for quite come time now. There are so many fabulous textures, nitty gritty nooks and crannies I just couldn’t pass by.

Now I’ve shot with Jess before and she’s awesome infront of the camera. We shot in a horses pen a few months ago and I said ‘It would look pretty if you were lying down in the grass and I got a head shot. But Oh wait, there’s horse poo everywhere.’ Jess responded, ‘So? What’s a little poo?’ She’s a legend and a soldier.

Thanks for an awesome shoot guys! xx

Right in an Alley way of flats just of Market St, Wollongong.

In between frames ..I think it’s cute.

A few mentioned Tyson scrubbed up very nicely in this one below. He does have one killer smile. They both do.

Jess is Fierce  xp

This one was Jess’s favourite, it reflects who they truly are. There’s a funny story behind it which is why they love it so much!

..More to come soon! 🙂

Your photographer, Ela! xx

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