Therese & Gerardo – eSession – Port Kembla – Illawarra Wedding Photographer

Monday afternoon the three of us went to Port Kembla and took advantage of the beautiful afternoon backlight on the beach. From some pretty poor weather over the weekend, we had to postpone our shoot leaving all 20 fingers and toes of mine crossed the sun would come out to play!

I met Therese & Gerardo some time ago and my first impression of them was how adorable are they. Yesterday’s eSession was a little stinky hot, the tide couldn’t help but gobble up Gerardo’s thongs that were sitting on a rock but they were nothing but affectionate towards eachother the entire time.

Therese wore her ‘Bride’ T-shirt she ever so cleverly put together herself. Totally necessary for every girl to wear while she’s glamming up for her wedding day ceremony. Therese and Gerargo picked this special spot as they come down here alot in the summer, the water was crystal clear and the location seclusion was harmonious. Although by the end of the shoot they were knee deep in water we got some really pretty shots that were so them!

Their wedding in November will be just fabulous! Hot pink cocktail dresses for the Bridesmaids, Portofino reception and a bride and groom who are going to rock it out!

Models in the making they are hehe.

Loved Therese’s beads.. Gave the shot a bit of funk 🙂

Adorable. sigh.

Big hugs <3

Best smile award goes to..

LOL. Gerardo had to chase after his thongs. Yes, I did giggle a little bit.

Love this one. Totally cute. I feel bad for getting their bottom halves soaking wet. lol.

..and finishing off the series with a look of sheer admiration 🙂 sigh. These two couldn’t look bad even if they tried.

Thanks for an awesome afternoon guys! I jumped straight in the shower when I got home. The stench of glue and seeped out Na+ from my insides don’t go so well on a hot sunny day 😐 Yike!

Can’t wait until your wedding. Wohoo!


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