Part Italian? I never signed up for this.

So I’m one quarter Spanish (hence the olive skin), one quarter Philippino (hence the button nose) and half Italian.. hence my very short fuse. LOL. I refer to myself as a Spanitaliapino. So my dad right, he’s pure Italiano, a fabulous cook but on the other hand.. well.. let’s just say I got the hard end of the belt just for not finishing my broccoli. lol. Ah the joys of my childhood. To this day, I fear I will become his replica.

My brother (9 years of age at the time) use to make lego towns on this green lego base about 10×10″ wide. He would show my mum his creation, go back to his room, remodelthe town re-building from scratch and ready for another open house inspection by my mum. Mum was proud, an engineer in the making. All was happy and dandy. The system was perfect. It just so happens one day our parents were watching a midday movie.. it was the 5th lego town my brother had made (which by the way my mum was so impressed by, even more than the last) and he was awaiting some appraisal & feedback from mum with a giant smile on his face. Little did he know, this was the day of reckoning. Within moments I find my brother sent to his room,  his lego board snapped in half, with nothing left but a broken city & a broken heart. You see, nothing was more important at that specific moment to my Dad than his midday movie. Low tolerance for an innocent 9 year old and his craving for love & attention, our Dad followed his actions with the words ‘Ian, I told you not to disturb me during the movie!’ Do I need to continue? So to this day my brother and I have stuck together knowing that keeping strong  during the not-so-pleasant-times will only make you stronger.

Last night I got a little glimpse of how powerful the mind is and how your automated thoughts can take over your actions without you even realising it. ‘Hi. My name is Pamela and I have a short fuse.’

Alas! I may have inherited my Dad’s traits of having a short fuse. My theory is his loud Italian nature making it’s way into my genes. But really, I’m not going to hide behind that excuse as you and I both know we are the master of our own destiny. So although I may have the bad gene on my side snapping at my heels.. self improvement is on the way! I use to be the type of girl to take everything to heart, a rude lady who would push in line at the shopping mall would stay glued to my mind for the rest of the day.. bad huh? So today I can say I take 1/3 of things to heart and in 2 months time I hope to be able to say I am as free spirited as a glass of H2O 🙂

So I finish this post off with 3 things to think about before blowing your whistle.

“Will I think about this in 1 year’s time?” If you won’t, it is most likely not worth fussing over.

-“You can’t expect any one to change unless they want to.” In a situation, you have control over yourself and no one else meaning you can’t change the situation, just the way you react to it.

-“Stop the automated thoughts you’ve had in past situations”. Believe it or not, you are always in control of how you react to every situation with the right mind set.

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