Back into the swing of things..

Greetings all!

Paul and I have been undergoing some major changes at the moment .. We moved houses, car is currently undergoing a massive 4 week repair (the courtesy car smells like strawberries though) and wedding peak season is kicking into gear.

The big move has forced me into an anti-social behaviour pattern.. hence, some major case of blog neglect on my part. But I’m back into the swing of things and am happy as ever! Despite my new excitment for living closer to the beach.. let me express how annoying moving can be on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most):
-Firstly, having to pack my boxes. Sigh. Sorting, culling and eliminating, this was a challenge I surely wasn’t ready for. Oh how I love being a last minute girl.. but Paul claims I’m a tad lazy and hate responsibility (we’re still debating on that). It was detering you know! I had to be brutally ruthless with the things I could take and the ones I had to leave behind. And the sorting began..
‘Red and white striped arm warmers from the 6th grade. What was I thinking?’ – TRASH
‘My beloved grey ugh boots that I bought in Winter 2004. Mind you they had more holes in them than swiss’ – TRASH
‘My black faded old band t-shirt of ‘The Used’. Yes everyone laugh. I like The Used. I never lived it down in High School. I think my high school crush, Daniel, thought I was a gimp. Actually, he did think I was a gimp. Hence why it didn’t work out. lol.

..This band t-shirt was special.. it’s the shirt I bought at Paddy’s markets and the salesman gave me a free badge because I said I liked his fingerless gloves (snap!)’s the shirt I wore to bed in the summer EVERY night despite it starting to smell like a foot’s the shirt that takes me back to the high school days where people would secretly laugh at me knowing it was the shirt I wore almost every mufti day.. the shirt that is now too small to fit me
..the shirt I took with me to our new house.’ – KEEP Level of annoyance – 6.5

Another annoyance when moving is paying $185 for a Pantech that doesn’t include petrol credit. disappointed. On top of that the service was below average. Level of annoyance -8

-And I can’t forget having to clean the old house. Ok we won’t really go there. All I can say is my little Dyson did me proud, I had blood shot eyes for the rest of the day after cleaning the bathroom despite the Easy-Off-Bam label saying ‘eye protection is required’, taking off window screens from a two story townhouse was ALOT more difficult than it seemed and I was in great deserve of a nice fat Chai Latte afterwards.

-Also annoying.. having to redirect your mail to the new address. I still have a .pdf application form sitting on my desktop for mail redirection. $28.50 for 3 months why wouldn’t you put it off? (Ok I know I talk alot about cost of things but seriously..there’s a cost for everything. Use of roads, sharing fee at Amigos (wahhh?), $99 cancellation fee for a Telstra landline within the first 3 months of connecting and not to mention a $40 overdraft fee at IMB when my $2.20 mastercard fee was really the culprite. What’s next, a surcharge to excrete bodily gases? sigh. With more money in this world comes more greed.. but that’s a whooole other blog post to come.) In conclusion, I hope the new people living there will be sure to pass on my next issue of Better Digital Photography. And that’s that. Level of annoyance – 4

-But taking the cake was is having to wait for the internet to connect at our new place. When you have business partners who both work from home, sorting out papers and the filing cabinet only occupies you so far. Not to mentioned having to trek back to our parents houses with our laptops days in a row. Level of annoyance – 11

So here I am typing.. at my Mum’s house, using my brother’s internet. (hehe might sneak in some downloading while I’m at it).

See you all at the next post!

And if you’re like me and find the need to look at pretty pictures when I read.. here’s a picture of me in year 10. I had just bought my first digital compact camera and back then MySpace style photos were cool. I call this one ‘Chukn a Miley Cyrus’ (Get it? Because she always does the whole peace thing? Yes? No? .. Ok I get it I’m NOT funny lol.) Teerio!

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