Dance Portfolio Shoot – Wollongong Dance Photographer

A month or so ago, I went out to Wollongong CBD to shoot model and dancer, Becc Paulson. Trying to find some great tunnels and scenes for using off camera flash we found this great stair case just across from Spotlight on Atchison St. Now I have finally gotten around to blogging this one 😀

The shoot was a hip-hop/ballet theme, minus the blistering cold and Becc dislocating her knee : (which mind you I feel a little bad about.) I got to know Becc on the way home and it turns out we had a fair bit in common. Thanks for a great shoot Becc! You’re one dancer with attitude.


This one is my favourite. Got her to dance on the spot haha

I fell in love with this stair case, perfect, pocket of light and then using some flash to balance the ambience.

That’s a wrap for today.

See you all at the next post!

Your photographer, Ela.x

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