Glamour Portfolio Shoot – Illawarra Glamour Photography

Good evening folks. just thought I would squeeze in another blog post before I attack my beef stroganoff (yum.) So aspiring model, Kate Sloan and I headed out on a model portfolio shoot to get her started. It took a half a day of shooting but we got some really great shots. A diverse minimal range of images chosen for the final portfolio.. She kicked a*s behind the lens. Kate is studying events management and recently met Aussie superstar Vanessa Amorosi. Kate was 1 out of 3 girls to be featured on stage during Vanessa’s ‘Holiday’ performance on Sunrise just a few short weeks ago. You can check out the video here. Yep that’s Kate right in the middle there.

This shot was taken in Port Kembla’s outer harbour (love this location) and eventually got asked to leave for safety reason.. as always. Using my trusty speedlight 580ex2 on my manfrotto placed above head, camera right with a diffuser. No umbrella used to diffuse the flash.. didn’t want to risk my light stand floating away into the wind lol. My poor flash took a beating on our first scene.. the beach.. sobs. One thing I gathered was Flash +  Stand + WIND on the BEACH early MORNING = Speedlight landing on the rocks. Eek. Luckily for me Canon make some pretty sturdy equipment, I had a spare flash ..and I’m insured (which I think is essential for me considering how clumsy I am, but that’s another story.)

See you at the next post!


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