“Attitude is Altitude” – YouTube Video – Inspiration.

So I ended up finding this on a colleague’s wall on FaceBook. I thought it was so inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes.. and to think I have ever been ungrateful in my life. After watching this I now strive to be a better person and have a new lease on life.

Words can not describe. Just watch it.

“Look at yourself after watching this”

  1. larry says:

    hi!I’m a friend and classmate of Miles in college whom u met in a wedding u covered for photography.Miles whom we used to call Milex has been an avid photographer even in our college days,I think he was minor in NUrsing and major in photography,lol.I admire his work and followed it via FB,that’s where he posted ur pictures.I am now a fan.Your work is original,hip,lively and different.Regarding Nick Vujicik,he’s a frequent inspirational visitor in our church,HArvest with pastor Greg Laurie here in Riverside,Ca.After u listen to him, you realized how blessed you are.I think he’s from Australia but travels all over the world to inspire people and of course to promote the gospel.

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