Beauty Shoot – Retouch Test

Hi there!

Was playing around with some retouching techniques a few weeks ago and thought I would give it a go studio style. Now I am absolutely no studio photographer which I can accept. I draw the line with my translucent and reflective umbrellas and eventually maybe a Lastolite EzyBox softbox.. But no oversized beauty dishes or large softboxes, because let’s face it, I like to keep it mobile and I’m fairly weak in the muscle department to lugg around such heavy equipment. ..Now Jonathan Dear from Vibrant Photography on the other hand has every light modifying tool under the sun and he would beg to differ hehe.

So here goes, my beauty shoot test shoot with the one and only Katie Headrick. (You’re going to have to excuse the larger version taking up 200% of your page. For the thumbnail versions visit my FaceBook group here.

Shot with my Orbis Ring Flash, my hero light modifier.

Bye bye for now!

Your illawarra photographer, Ela!

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