40th Year Anniversary – Couple Shoot

I’m speechless.

You know I had a conversation with her and she told me the history between them. It turns out they were kids having fun in the start and what sparked into a magical fairy tale they are still living today.

She gave me some advice as I mentioned  my other half Paul to her during a conversation. She said to me “I’ve learnt that .. As long as you are best friends along the way, through thick and thin everything will work itself out.” She turned to her husband, grabbed his hand and said “I can honestly say he is my best friend & that’s what has kept us going.. knowing that he is and always will be my best friend.”

Doesn’t that touch you? Because I almost cried when she said those words… *sobs* Let me introduce you to 40 years of marriage.

LOL.. Blooper moment.

Celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary.

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