Bec & Chris – eSession – Kiama Wedding Photography

Headed down to the beautiful Kiama Blowhole yesterday afternoon for some pre-wedding shots. Bride-to-be, Bec and her fiance Chris were a blast to hang out with for a few hours shooting in Bec’s hometown.

I shot a wedding here back on Valentines day weekend and loved the textures this location had to offer.. when I knew Bec was from Kiama it was the first place that struck me.

Having only met Chris for the first time yesterday, I found him to be a wonderful person, a bit quirky but obviously in love. In between shots they would giggle, crack rude jokes *too explicit for the blog* and could hardly keep their eyes off eachother.

Here we go .. the eSession of the very wonderful Chris & Bec.

mmm.. lens flare..

Thanks for my weekend guys!

Can’t wait for your wedding in November.


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