Family Photography Wollongong | Sunrise Beach Session

It feels so great to be back! How are all of you guys after being in some quiet Isolation with family? 🙂 Well when the restrictions lifted off we most certainly went out with a bang for our first session back with the beautiful Kiandra & John Hughes and their three little ones on a family Photography sunrise Session 🙂

Typically I’m a sunset kinda girl (self confessed night owl here lol) – But Kia opted to have a beach session as the golden sunlight came up over the ocean. And boy was it worth the 5:30am wake up LOL. We got down there around 6:30am and had the funnest hour with so many combinations and their entire family just played in front of my camera with very little direction – Just them in their element relaxing & enjoy their time as we family. The way it should be!

Little Grace (their youngest) had me in giggles all morning with her intrigue with all the dogs running past off their leads & her little red rudolph nose by the end of the session. These images below is only a quarter of the images we got from the morning, it was so hard cutting them down from all the in between moments. At the start of the session the whole family were left in stitches because Grace face planted into the sand after falling off John’s knee & she seemed to giggle it off too haha. Happy Thursday! Enjoy this little sneak preview of what we created together on Sunday! x

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