Family Photography Wollongong | A Momento Video on Motherhood

I love keeping in touch with my clients over the years and being with them throughout the Milestones & reflecting back on all the memories.

I first met Caitlin at a dinner through mutual friends years ago and since then have kept in touch.
I captured her wedding some years ago & recently had the pleasure of capturing her little family in the house she grew up in in Oyster Bay 🙂 We had a blast!

For this shoot, we did a video to look back on as a keep safe for the years to come.
Often I speak to women I’ve known for years who have become a mother & it’s beautiful how their story is always so different from the next …. You meet these beautiful career driven women you watch blossom into a new chapter & find a new sense of meaning or purpose as they enter Motherhood. We could open up a whole other level of conversation here but we’ll leave it at that ….

Caitlin and I chatted before we started her video shoot – which I recorded – and what came out almost made me cry. She speaks into motherhood & the identity a lot of women tend to get lost in going from being married, to then bringing a newborn into this world. It was beautiful, and so fascinating to hear her story & what the most joyous part is about being a mother. All of us have a story to tell … and it lights me up when I get to shine a line on others’ stories and share them with the world. *moment of sigh right now*

Her little boy Leo, I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time since shooting the wedding …. and he was a crack up! Like a 12 year old in a 3 year old’s body. He’s going to be an awesome big brother soon in the coming weeks!
He kept called my Ellen the entire shoot …. way too clever and kept me smiling the whole shoot. A Daddy’s boy at heart.

Enjoy this short film I Created with Love – Leave a comment & Let me know what you think! x

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