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Greetings all! How did you celebrate the Long Weekend? Family barbeque? Marshmallows over a bonfire? Or maybe you worked all weekend long (whoop whoop to double time and a half).

Well ..My weekend consisted of lot’s of album designing, album proofing and come culling. But there’s one thing I look forward to at the end of every week. They say it’s hard to find a work / social / life balance.. you know there is attending to a 9-5 work routine, keeping up a Gym routine to increase productivity, reading time before bed whilst sipping a big cup of Lipton, keeping a healthy balanced diet without making too many trips through the drive thrU on the days you don’t feel like cooking hehe, the unexpected engagements that throw your entire day out, assigning certain time brackets for selected friends, oh yeah.. and taking mum out for lunch to let her know you appreciate her (after all, as my mum claims – she brought me into this world she can take me back out of it quick smart hehe ;)) Big Bang Theory coming on the TV and calling your name (Bazinga!), giving yourself an hour of power every morning, then on top of that bettering yourself through personal development audiotapes.. and then there’s the old veg day out..

In order to keep up your weekly routine and smash it out, they say you should make every activity a habit.. Well there’s one thing that closes my week off nicely. Sunday catch up with the girls.. Meet Hayley and Ipek! (see below). Every Sunday, 6:30pm sharp (although Hayley works off Hayley time, meaning it’s most certainly not sharp lol) we get together and share our weeks shinanigans.. we lend an ear to each other, although when it comes to me, I just lend a mouth most of the time! (What?! It’s an entire week of stories I have to get out ok and I’ve only got 2 hours to do it?! lol) I’m getting better though lol.

In a nutshell.. we’re as different as they come! Like f’real! We’re talking when we’re in a restaurant, one will order all three courses; knowlingly she probably won’t eat all of it, one will order a main.. and as for the third, two servings of dessert without fail lol. Music wise – One will bop to the beats of Tiesto’s C’mon, another will appreciate soft rock sounds & Nickelback.. whereas the third likes anything with a harmony, violin instrumentals or beat that forces your shoulders to loose control. Good example. Chris Brown’s Forever. You know it. One is a Commerce student, another is a Full time remedial massage therapist (or what I refer to as torture infliction officer) and the other one is a self employed photographer.

You know how they say “we’re each others halves?” .. Or maybe that’s something I made up? Not sure. Well I like to label us as each other’s thirds. We all have work, family, relationships.. and everything under the sun that goes with life itself.. But Sunday catch up is the 2 hour bracket a week we get.. to block out the world and laugh until our stomachs twist, smile until our cheeks ache, hug like next week would never come..  and talk like there’s no tomorrow! We’ve now intergrated iPhone photo activity as well.

See you all at the next post! Ela.x

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