Nathan & Kellie | Wedding | Ravensthorpe Albion Park

Nathan and Kellie’s Wedding at Ravensthorpe wedding day was sunny, cloudy, coldish and a little windy.. all in the one concoction. But the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and came to play just in time for their gorgeous ceremony. Kellie had strings of black weaving in and out of all her details, from her shoes, to her gorgeous dress even down to the elegant feather bouquet hand made by the fabulous Cortney from Powder Puff. Not to mention how gorgeous she made the girls look. The photo ops at Ravensthorpe had me drooling.. yep you should have heard the squeaks and peeps coming from my direction when I scouted out the location before I starting shooting the girls getting ready. Overall, was so happy with the results.. couldn’t have been more perfect! x

To view their slideshow click play below.

  1. Kellie says:

    Your a star! The pictures and slideshow are awesome and we are extremely happy and glad that you shot our special day. You were a pleasure to work with and should be extremely proud of your work! x

    Nathan and Kel

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