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Last Wednesday I attended the Vision Personal Training Seminar led by Andrew Simmons and was truly inspired. I have studied the basics of how the mind works, how powerful it is ..and how much control we actually have over it 😐

Ever since then, people who muttered the words “I can’t help it!”, “It’s too hard..” or “I could never be as good as her!” have left me with a giant smurk on my face, and I’ve kept withdrawn from entering a passionate conversation with how off they really were..

It wasn’t always like this though.. I used to be the girl who was too sensitive.. The girl you couldn’t insult with out having a 1 year grudge held against you.. The girl who would hold her head in her hands in Yr 11 English if someone laughed at a grammical error I’d made when reading in front of the class.. The girl who could never take a joke.. The girl who expected her Mum to be perfect in that she couldn’t ever be critical on me to help me grow, instead I sobbed at how harsh I claimed she was being on me.. I was the girl who wasn’t fun.. The girl you always said “Oh c’mon, have a laugh” to.. Yes it was true. Ela used to be a sook. You wouldn’t think so right? I mean if you’re around me on a daily basis you would know my energy levels are off the charts, as if I’d stuck my finger in a power outlet.

The truth is, at the time I wasn’t happy with the quality of person I was. The last year I’ve followed the voices of Brian Tracy, Richard Carlson and a few others that focus on growth and personal development.

We learnt some good facts about where our society is headed and what we can do to prevent this “Diabesity” Epidemic. Concluding the seminar Andrew said, set a goal and make it public. That way you will be held accountable for it. Ok I know what you’re thinking, my 2010 new years resolutions didn’t go as planned.. My desire to be able to learn fluent Spanish.. well, “Hola” was about as far as I got.. lol. And don’t even get me started on my “Studying a Random Topic every Week” resolution, first week Ancient Greek Mythology, second week – Types of Clouds.. then the third week I thought, back then, I should get my actual head out of the clouds and focus on other things..

But that’s all in the past now. The more you surround yourself with positive people, the more epic your life will be. In my honest opinion.

Which brings me to my conclusion. Here is my Goal. Hold me accountable and forever hold your peace.. I will be running in this year’s City to Surf.

..I’ve never participated in it before, nor did I ever intend to. But Andrew Simmons said “Give yourself the permission to win”. If you set your mind to something, if you have a big enough “Why” you will find a “How”. Am I scared? Maybe. But the things in life worth doing are always going to be hard. And I’m ready, and up for, the challenge 🙂

What will your next Goal be?



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