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After a busy few weeks.. I’ve decided to take the Wednesday night off and chill in front of the heater, wait.. that didn’t make sense.

Tonight is peaceful.. solitary and relaxing. Weird feeling. It’s actually silent.. gah it makes me feel uneasy already.

So Me being Me, I get bored easily. So I attempted to delve into the lives of my comrades via satellite communication and.. well.. my text messages went un-returned..? That’s odd? I thought a 7pm cold rock run was an opportunity never to be passed up. I mean it’s sour worms and coconut flavoured ice cream!?

Then it all made sense.. Ohhhh the State of Origin. Some foot ball game? lol.

Now I have to admit, I don’t follow sport at all. Period. NRL, AFL, NBA are all one in the same to me 🙂 So sue me. It was brought to my attention on Monday night that the atmosphere of this well talked about sporting match was going to be “EPIC”. It was put nicely to me that I should “Please tell me you know what the State of Origin is Pam?” .. My reply was, erhm. QLD.. vs NSW? something about “The Blues”, that’s all I know.. now leave me alone! LOL. If it helps I can tell you the best looking player on the Liverpool FC? 🙂

So every one has disappeared off the face of the earth tonight.. glued to their television screens. It’s a bit like those western movies where a dust ball rolls across the screen.. then there’s an awkward silence.

My conclusion is that I am officially a social troglodyte when it comes to football. I’m thinking I need to wear some Blue Zinc and rock up with some knee high socks to fit in? Plus, no one is reachable during the State of Origin and I know where my place is in my circle of friends on this particular night of the year hehe.

To finish the post, I inserted a picture from Google’s “State of Origin” image search.. to find what could be a really painful fall really soon?! Ouch. I think I’ll stick to Zumba for my fitness routine.

Happy (dormant) Wednesday Night!


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