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Happy Saturday morning!

On Thursday I stopped by my old High School I had graduated some years ago.. well it really wasn’t that long ago, I can still remember grape fights in the quad and teenage males thinking it was amusing. After chatting with the Year 12 Formal Co-ordinator that day, she was happy to confirm I would be doing the honours of capturing their End Of Exam Celebration. After the business meeting was over I wandered the corridors at 12:47pm, it was a strange feeling.. To walk the social science department knowing I didn’t have a 5 page essay due on “The Effectiveness of Criminal” ..To visit the music department knowing I didn’t have Talent Quest, end of year Variety Concert or a Prac exam to rehearse for (with a small cameo of myself hopelessly attempting to play the drum kit).. Or to discover My year 12 Chemistry teacher had retired.

It brought back a lot of memories, I was at peace for 8 minutes walking the corridors of the out of bounds block upstairs.. well I’m not a student any more so it’s not out of bounds for me hehe.

It reminded me of the time I fell over in the middle of the quad listening to my iPod (random, but you think someone noticed?)..

And the times, we’d just got our P-plates, and religiously did a McDonalds breakfast run before Yr12 Chemistry tutorials at 7:30am Fridays in preparing for the HSC. To add to that, the time Joel brought in his Labrador puppy and Mr Petit stepped in a little surprise he’s left at the back of the room hehe.

And the time our group thought it was funny to shave Patrick’s eyebrows off, which still to this day isn’t funny 😐

And the time I received the Legally Blonde award at my Yr 12 formal where my english teacher quoted “I have never met someone with such dark hair but yet be so blonde!” ..Just to name a few any way.

Today, I see things in a different eye. Now being a photographer and to only be able to relive these memories again in my head, makes me never want to put my camera down and cease every moment..

Just a random note.. I’ve now had three encounters this week with people as to how to pronounce the word “ADIDAS” ..some claim the accent is on the AD, others claim it’s on the DI. So far it’s undetermined.. I’ll keep you posted.

Your Photographer, Ela.x


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