Aaron and Casey | eSession | Kiama Engagement Photographer

Casey and Aaron’s eSession on Easter Long Weekend 🙂 Sigh. Love these two. Aaron is spanish and Casey is what the spanish say Bonita? Yep.. I’m doing well with Spanish 101 audiobooks (but really what kinda of a spaniard am I when I can’t even hold a fluent conversation .. hmm.. I blame my parents). Casey and Aaron love an adventure.. he proposed on a Gondola in Italy. What Bliss. Aaron is full of surprises and Casey is as laid back and (yes I will say it) “Cool” ..because let’s face it, everyone know I, myself, am not cool, so may not be able to pass on that judgement but hey it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want 🙂 ..In a nutshell, they are sweet, respectful towards one another and are getting married in October 2011.. Casey will surely make stunning bride 🙂 Enjoy your sneak preview guys. x

Gorge light 🙂 ..sigh.

..Fun tree shot hehe

..and Kiama, well their bus stops ROCK .. so we had to document that.

.. Terrace shops 😀

..So we can’t do this shot one in a wedding dress, so best to attempt it only for the engagement session.

Casey.. your eyes.. nose.. teeth, actually everything is gorgeous!! 🙂

And Aaron didn’t scrub up too bad either 🙂

.. They enjoyed 10 poses in 10 seconds a little too much! hehe..

Yep I have a foot thing.. just go with it. lol.

Fave! <3

Ending the sequence with my fave shot on the right. I love my job 🙂

See you at the next post! Your wedding photographer, Ela x!

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