Xsight Photography and Video Work shop | Apples and the Rain

Back from Xsight Photography and Video’s studio after a fabulous Wedding Photography Workshop.. I got to see Ryan share his knowledge after seeing him at PMA09 after only just getting married himself. Without boring you with the business talk of what we learned.. the home made sausage rolls on the tea break were my favourite part! Little orange pieces in it gave a little kick to it at the end. Now on the other hand there was a canape I called a “mystery roll” ..It was a mini pancake encasing some mystery ingredients, including a cucumber, that was all new to me.. It was like Alice in Wonderland relived in my mouth.. rather delighful.

We then headed back upstairs and viewed his version of a same day slide show, relived some experiences behind some images and had a chat about all things weddings! My brain is pretty swamped at the moment so will most definately recommend attending his seminars.

A side note: I’m a gal from Wollongong, born and bred. Which means the trip up to Sydney can be a whole new experience I relive every time knowingly that I will age 5 years in 30 minutes. Let’s leave it at that hehe. On a less funny note, I was so concentrative on the road I ate my apple sticker by accident! LOL. Oops!

See you all at the next post!


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