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I vote everything should be Yellow!

That’s right! Yellow cars! Yellow Houses! Yellow Smiles.. actually scratch that last one. Well, I don’t really suit wearing the colour yellow.. or for that matter wear yellow lip stick.. but all things great are made of Yellow! The Big Banana: Yellow. The Sun: Yellow. And the teeny tiny grains of sand at the Beach: Yellow! (Or Lellowe as my 5 yr old nephew would say). The point of my randomness is simply to celebrate the purchase of Ela Photography’s car. Celebrating all things Yellow! I am getting comments from up, down and around of which model to buy or lease etc..

Well those dream car Yellow VW’s I have hankered for.. I can’t get due to low practicality.. and a Holden Cruze may be too small.. additionally I have always wanted a cute little Lancer. At one stage the criteria was going to be it had to have a sun roof, but I’m not so keen on having bugs fly into my car then in my eye.. a bit of a safety hazard, so that idea I kept to myself.

Advantages of having a yellow car:

1) If you’re in pitch dark coming down Mt Ousley and your head lights fail, trucks can SEE you still! (Paul disagrees with this one)

2) If you’re like me, and have a memory like a fish, and forget where you park the car.. you can double up your game of Hide-And-Go-Seek with a game of Spotto!!

3) You can also fry and egg on the bonnet of a yellow car. Umm.. and.. it won’t work on other coloured cars because.. erhm.. it won’t taste the same! yep that’s it! 😀 insert cheesy grin.

4) The colour makes me Happy. It’s the smiling colour!

Yet even after the excellent points I make as to why the colour yellow SHOULD be a no-brainer in the buying criteria.. I haven’t had many people converted over to the dark side.. well light side?!

See y’all at the next post! Ela.x

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