Free FaceBook Profile Photos | Newcastle Rocky Road

On my weekend away in Newcastle I had the pleasures of assisting award winning photographer, Brent Mailman from Capture Imaging Photography. The Newcastle Show had loads of rides, history displays, balloons, and those funny shaped blow up hands but my favourite part.. Hotdogs! 45 minutes drive and 20 minutes of car park stalking I finally snagged one just as I was contemplating parking in a buz zone.. well in my defence bus drivers are very aggressive on the road and are Bullies of the Automobile World.

Moving on now.. I took a treck through the dense crowds and having almost got rammed by a kid on a scooter I found Brent and his professional lighting set up inside. On another plus side we were right across from the Rocky Road stand.. you could imagine who had a belly ache afterwards after only devouring 3 mini slices? 😐

We had a huge diversity of personalities come through and have their Free Facebook Profile Photos taken. We had lots of girls in groups come through like this one.. had an on site camera guy document some behind the scenes, and we smuggled a puppy dog indoors hehe. Oh oh and here’s the funny hand shaped blow up hand I was talking about! It reminds me of a base ball game. I’ve never seen a baseball game in my life for the record. Go the Yankees!! (They are a baseball team right?) This chick totally worked it with what I call the “Beyonce/Marilyn” hair whip. Oh and this is Dan.. he’s a cassanova LOL. And I saved the best for last.. yep that’s right. Me. Still up keeping that OVERsized smile of mine lol. And here’s a Behind the Scenes video.

The overall verdict.. Rocky Road Belly and Lot’s of Laughs from everyone. I vote Brent and the gang should come to Wollongong.

Teerio for now!


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