Family Portrait Session | The Lagoon

Cute little family portrait session at the lagoon some time ago.

Elisha, Josh, Baiden and Stella rocked it out on a nice and relaxed family portrait session. Elisha & Josh’s wedding is in early february at the harbour front  and I can not wait. In Elisha’s pre-wedding questionnaire she said the proposal was quite memorable. It took place on Flagstaff hill hear the canons and lighthouse.. when Josh was hesitant and Baiden was saying in the background “Just do it Dad!” LOL. So Baiden made a sign at school for the wedding invites.. I thought it was cute 🙂

When I’d first met Stella she was cheeky, shy and wouldn’t stop dimpling at me.. hehe I made that word up for smiling with dimples. Baiden, well he was a cool dude from the second I met him.

What a gorgeous looking family, co-ordinated colours and patterned clothes. The shoot started off with Stella being a bit hesitant to my monstrous lens.. then by the end of it the kids didn’t want to leave lol.


Cute little sunnies to suit her personality..


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